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Zentrale Formate

Bookmark packaging with cardboard

art.nr.: 8011

For 1 to 6 pencils.
The highlight of this pack is that the pencil package may be used in many ways e.g. as bookmarks, voucher, calendar, notepad, notice and thank you (note). This additional benefit will not only ensure a long-lasting advertising effect but it is also extremely economically sound. Another benefit: By inserting your business card into an extra pocket of the eco plastic folder, you personalize your perfect giveaway.

Design patent file number: DE 20 2009 001 579.3 & 001082010-0001

The highlight is the representative cardboard filler - perfect to use as a bookmark, coupon, for product infomation, as a calendar, ruler and much more! Our intelligent packaging guarantees a sustainable advertising impact. By inserting your business card you complete your perfect promotional gift! As a result, the ecological advantage meets the mainstream of time and makes this "packaging with multi-benefit" very attractive.
minimum order amount 1.000 pieces.

total Price: 650,00 €

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