Effective advertising with promotional items

reach your target group with pencils as promotional items

The benefit of advertising products: survey from the WA-Verlag proofs the effectiveness:

There is no other form of advertising that can compete with the price-performance ratio of promotional items

The great advantage of promotional products is obvious: Custtomers are in contact with them for a long time. Voluntary and without additional costs for your company.

Other forms of advertising such as print, TV or radio, only receive the promotional contact by constant investments. This causes continuous costs. Promotional products (and in particular writing implements ) are much cheaper!

The effectiveness of promotional products has now been proved in a study. The results of the advertising impact was presented by the GWW (Confederation of the German promotional products business) as part of the PSI Show in January 2012 and is updated every year to watch the changes in the whole business.

Results of this study

Promotional items are used gladly and often: Statistically, the use of a promotional product is once daily. Your client thus comes in contact with your advertising product for an average of one time a day.

Most important for the customers: a concrete function of the product.

Highly reminded: 57% Recall in promotional items. Thus, the Recall is significantly higher than for TV (32%) or radio (28%).

Promotional items are used for a long time period: 75% of the promotional items are in use for months. 37% are even used for more than 2 years! Thus you achieve a real long-term advertisising effect!

As 86%use the promotional products by theirselves you have very low »wastage«.

Promotional items reach more people than radio, television or newspapers: 88% coverage with promotional items (starting from the assumption that in average a promotional item is used on a daily base); This results in a even higher range than TV advertising (75%), advertising per radio (79%) or in daily newspapers (68%).

So, which product is the most effective advertising item?

statistics of different promotional items

One result of the study is that writing instruments are the most effective advertising. With pencils from Reidinger you do not only use on the most effective advertising medium, but at the same time you invest in your environment and sustainability .

Tips for even more coverage!

illustrated figures showing the effect of promotional products

Most people is not keep in mind that you can increase the impact of your advertising with a simple trick: Give your customers even more promotional items at once! Yes, you read that right. This is by no means wasted. For example, select a classy-looking, black colored magnetic pencil.

Be generous and hand your customer directly several of them. He will be surprised and happy to know that he could get a multiple of this special pencils. In the end he will even do your work by himself! If he receives more of the pencils, he will pass them directly to friends (and we all know that a gift from friends is even more appreciated than one mady by a company). At worst, he will deposit the pencils at home. Even then the result is that he keeps your products for a long time.