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Environmental protection

nature - environmental Protection

Environmental protection concerns all of us!

Environmental protection is becoming more relevant than ever before. More and more companies are supplying the market for advertising gifts with considerable innovative potential regarding ideas for ecologically-friendly products. Reidinger demonstrates a sense of responsibility towards the environment since there is no product which is more ecologically-friendly than a pencil!

Our pencils are produced with the latest technology focussing on high ecological standards:

  • We use native wood from sustainable forests in order to save energy and emissions by making use of short haulage distances.
  • It is second nature to us to make use of waste recycling (generating energy from production waste) and food colors for both the imbued black and colored pencils in order to adhere to the European toy regulation (DIN EN 71/III).

Environmental protection means preserving it for subsequent generations!

Last but not least Reidinger´s environmental dedication can also be seen at the corporate headquarters in Hammelburg. Just a few key words here – recycling paper, photovoltaic system, green electricity and water reservoir – show that environmental protection is not merely a fashionable word but that the company is genuinely committed to conservation.