Folding rules - information and tips

hammer, nails and folding rule on wood

Additional information about folding rules

We produce folding rules made out of high-quality beech wood or plastic. One benefit of plastic folding rules is their bendability – even if you heavily bend them the elements won’t break that easily. We also offer plastic folding rules in special lengths like 0,5 m. They work perfect as a gift for young craftsmen or as a key ring.

Coloured print and photo printing

No matter if you would like a 1-4 colour print or a photo print – there’s enough space for your advertising on › folding rules. But not only the high-side can be imprinted. If you choose the free-bar for your scale, you can have an individual print on that as well. The standard colour of the elements is white, but you can choose from a range of colours.

Folding rules: suitable for different target groups

Of course you’ll find lots of printed folding rules on craftsmen fairs. Folding rules are a perfect promotional gift, not only for craftsmen

In Germany, DIY is quite a popular hobby – that’s why folding rules work well as a »personal promotional gift« too. Every ambitioned craftsman needs a folding rule and, according to this, will use it very often.

And that means he will see your advertising message every time he uses the folding rule. The memorability increases as well as the possibility to remember the company the folding rule is from. And he will remember the company the next time he needs their products or services. 

illustrated figures showing the effect of promotional productsAdvertising effectiveness through recommendations

Recommendations are a very important marketing tool. We place our trust especially in recommendations from friends. With an imprint on the folding rule it’s easier to be remembered by the client.

Insider’s tip: why give away just one folding rule? If you give away more than one folding rule the others might be given away as well, and you’ll reach more people of your target group (increased range). That’s how you multiply the advertising effectiveness and reach a higher contact rate.

Tips for how to design your folding rule imprint


Don’t forget the website

Costumers use the internet to get information more than ever. Through the folding rule, people will get a first »eye contact« with your company. Due to that fact, you should offer a variety of contact opportunities. While the telephone number was seen as the ideal way to contact someone it’s now the web address that’s becoming more important. On your website, prospective clients are able to inform themselves in advance. When people visit your website, they are interested in the service you offer and what it will cost them. And for the costs depend on the desired product or service, at this point at the latest people will call you or fill in the contact form.

Font size

The larger the font is that you use so much better the text will be readable from a distance. But you should keep in mind that »less is more«. A bit of »white space« will benefit your lettering. Should you need any help in the designing process, our graphics deparment will be at your service (price on request/at cost).

Using a large font, less space is available on the folding rule – only essential things are important. Please keep the maximum printing area in mind.

Be creative

Stand out from the crowd. We can print any desired print or text on the folding rule – it doesn’t necessarily have to be an advertising slogan and the logo. Humorous and funny sayings can be suitable for your target group. Using that, your company will be associated with positive thoughts and appear sympathetically.