Your individual pencil

lacquered pencils with Langenscheidt imprint

The pencil – a promotional product

Even in »the age of Internet« office products are constantly in use and the ideal promotional item. A sheet of paper and a pencil – the ideal materials for all sorts of work such as a brainstorming, sketches and much more.

There are many reasons why pencils are the ideal promotional product:

AufzaehlungszeichenFirst of all: your advertising message is present at all times. No matter how you hold and twist the pencil, your advertising, like the company name or log, is always present.

Pencils used as promotional products cover a large target group. In school, at work or at home – this »manual« writing utensil is used everywhere. And flexible at use. There is not other region beside the digital one where you can make improvements that easily – especially when they are handwritten with a pencil. Quickly grab the eraser and handwritten or drawn things are removed in a matter of seconds.

The pencil is an environmentally friendly product. The main material is wood (preferably lime wood) and apart from its name, pencils do not contain lead but a graphite lead.

AufzaehlungszeichenPromotional pencils are cheap! In contrast to other promotional products pencils are quite cheap. Costs always depend on color and lettering requests. If you order more pencils the price per unit is cheaper. Especially when you order lower quantities the number of pieces you order affect the unit price. That is due to fixed costs which arise with every order – not matter if you order 2.000 or 50.000 pencils.

Despite the low price pencils are in use for a very long time and the user has numerous visual contacts with your slogan and company logo.

Special pencils: there are more pencisl beside our › standard pencils – like our › Carpenter pencils. As the name suggests carpenter pencils are used to place marks on wood. Further there are golf pencils or mini pencils which are pretty short. › More information about Special pencils

Possibilities of personalization

If you want to print on a pencil, there is always the question what exactly you want to print on it. You can print several lines of text for example. This would be suitable for company names, slogans or for your internet address. Of course combinations are possible since more information can be put in several lines.

Design options for your individual printing text

When it comes to your individual text there are several design possibilities. Font style, size and color can be adapted to almost any size and style. Keep in mind that a good contrast of the font color and the color of the pencil is helpful for good readability. › Pencils and › Colored pencils, can be imprinted with special colors – in that way the pencil always goes well with your CI. Quite popular and elegant is a black lacquer color combined with a strong color like gold, silver or orange. Due to its black coating the pencil gets a very elegant look. On a › golf pencil / mini pencil is a smaller space for your text, but there is still enough room for your advertising message.

Your logo on the pencil

In addition to plain text you can also print graphics or even pictures on the pencil. This option is used quite often for company logos. Even if your company logo is a bit complex there is enough advertising space to present your logo. The most common file formats are jpg, gif and png.

Who would have thought it:

illustration of pencil at the finish line

They start to write, and need a while
Can’t go any longer, not even a mile

The legs grow tired when 300 m are passed
6.000 m – they are not made to last

50.000 m – that is what the best has done
A pencil, what else could last so long

Writing length:
fountain pen: up to 300 m
ball pen: up to 6.000 m
pencil: up to 50.000 m

For a long lasting advertising effectiveness!

Examples for imprinted pencils

gelber Bleistift mit blauem Radiergummi - bedruckt mit Langenscheidt LogoFor more examples please have a look at our › gallery




Note: You have the same printing possibilities for
› Carpenter pencils
or › folding rules.