Black colored pencils with clear lacquer

For these special pencils please get in touch with one of our contact persons

natural elegant black pencils with Panther

siver imprint on a black colored natural pencil

Contact person

Are you interested in our natural black colored pencils?
Please get in touch with one of our contact persons and we will be happy to advise you.

black pencils: difference betweetn structure of matt lacquered and natural black pencil

Elegant appearance for your promotional message

These black colored pencils captivate you with their fine wooden
that is surrounded by a fine and clear lacquer.

The black matt colored pencil is entirely coated with the black
lacquer color, for a smooth surface.

Unspectacular black colored at first glance, its velvet like texture
unfolds its full effect with the right light and leaves a mysterious impression – writing filled with sheer sensation.

A silver metal cap at the end of the pencil turns this elegant
pencil into a quite special writing utensil.

Short overview

  1. round, long pencil, black colored wood
  2. clear lacquer, for a visible fine wooden structure
  3. silver metal cap at the end of the pencil
  4. max. height of the printing motive: 4,7 mm

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Further information about our products together with proofs and printing areas for our colored pencils can be found in the › download-section

Natural, environmentally & sustainable: pencils as promotional items

eco-friendly promotional products, little plant with leaves

Pencils are made out of natural materials.
We solely use wood from renewable stocks – so you will
receive eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible promotional products!

pencil eraser graphic, easy to sharpen pencils

Unlike fountain and ball pens, wooden writing utensils need re-sharpening from time to time.
To make sure that operation is easily done, all our pencils are made out of lime wood. It is
easy to sharpen pencils made of this wood, and furthermore it is a good combination of stability
and flexibility.

TÜV label for Reidinger quality pencils
label for toy-safety-order DIN EN 71 1-3, pencils from Reidinger


For our black colored promotional pencils we use quality goods that are certified, tested by TÜV and compliant with the toy-safety-order DIN EN 71/III.