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presentation box equipped with samples | Reidinger.de

Sample box from Reidinger.de

presentation box | Reidinger.de

Not just digital – show your customers how much possibilitiesyou have to create an individual promotional pencil:

With a little pride and much attention to detail, we have succeeded in a unique presentation portfolio. We are pleased to present you the sample box with a selection of the Reidinger product range!

This box will help you effectively to communicate with your customers in a competent and intuitive understanding that a pencil can be far more than "just" a writing instrument: it is an undisputed and long-term brand ambassador - individualized in every detail and with numerous types of refinement.

Unfortunately the box is only available with imprinted german language, at a price of 39,00 €. If you are interested in receiving samples please contact us and we will love to be at your services.