Reidinger GmbH :

Introducing ourselves:

Founded 30 years ago in the Lower Franconian town Hammelburg, Reidinger GmbH developed to one of the market leaders in the promotional-pencil section.

Being one of our clients you will benefit from an optimised working process that will guarantee fast and professional handling. Our team of professional and trained employees will be on hand with help and advice for you.

Placing importance on quality, diversity and a design that’s »up to date« during the production, all pencils you receive in the end are individually manufactured – according to your wishes.

Sustainability, ecological and social values are very important for us – just as customer service and customer satisfaction.

Do we deserve a halo for all the above yet?
Surely not, but we’re working on it!

Pencils: professionals for everybody

Some years ago, an analysis of different promotional products revealed a remarkable insight:

Writing utensils are, compared to other promotional products, very suitable when it comes to increasing the name recognition of a company and evoking sympathy – sustainably.

Aufzählungszeichen | Reidinger.deAdvertising on writing utensils brings more awareness than print advertising. You can see: the pencil is one of the most effective advertising medias at all! With this classic of promotional gifts, you will land a direct hit!

An interesting point for those who think about advertising activities in general: 90% of the people who were presented with a promotional gift will remember the person who presented it to them.

Aufzählungszeichen | ListenzeichenAll Reidinger products are available in many individual designs: from the solid carpenter pencil to colorful painting sets up to shimmering Swarovski-pencils.

Aufzählungszeichen | Reidinger.deReidinger products meet the current ecological environmental demands because they are made out of wood and therefore made out of renewable materials. That’s why the pencil is probably the most environmentally friendly promotional product!

Generate your customised promotional gift together with us; the Reidinger expert team is happy to advise you!

Warm regards,

Norbert Reidinger
Managing Director