Printing data - requirements

To process your order smoothly we require your print data in a vector-based format. You can provide us with your print data in the following formats: EPS, PDF, AI

For a fast process of your enquiry, please check the following aspects of your data:

1. Is your data vector-based

We can only guarantee you a decent printing image with vector-based data. Please take care that all elements in the printing file you send us are vector-based (type, graphics, etc.).

If you do not have your data in a vector-based format, we would be pleased to let you have a personalised quotation for optimising your printing data.

2. Is the minimum line width larger than 0.1 mm?

The line width of your graphics should not be less than 0.1 mm.

Please note that, as an advertising product, pencils have space for relatively small printings. 0.1 mm should be considered as absolute minimum. If your motif/logo allows, we would recommend always having a larger line width.

3. Is the minimum line width larger than 0.2 mm?

Non-printed lines within a printed area require a minimum line width of 0.2 mm

4. Color values

Please alway identify the reuired printing colours with the correct number (spot color)

We work with »Pantone Solid Coated« (Pantone C), »RAL Classic Gloss« and with »HKS K«.

The "C" in Pantone and the "K" in HKS stand for the coated paper on which the colour swatches are provided. Because our pencils are generally covered with a protective coating, colors from these three ranges achieve the best results.

If you need help in determining the colours you require, please contact
one of our › employees

Important note regarding offset and digital printing for etuis:

Offset and digital printing is based on scale colors (CMYK). RGB or special colors are adjusted accordingly. We do not accept liability for any resulting color deviation. There is no color accuracy with CMYK colors.

5. printing area

Please note that, due to the small print surface on the pencils, we are confined to specific print areas. You will find an overview of the print areas on our different pencils at the › download-section.

6. printing more than one motif

For the case that you have more than one motif please make sure to provide your data in separate files.

If your data meet these criteria, we will shortly send you (generally on the day of your enquiry) an electronic proof to view and approve.

Our team aims to give our customers top quality advice and support. Alongside ensuring the quality of our products, serving our customers is the focus of our day-to-day work.

If you have any questions on the items, the execution or the design, please call us and we will be happy to answer your questions and will try to make even your "impossible requirements" possible!