Did you know …

... what wisdom is in our pencils?

When the Reidinger team came together to brainstorm to work on new models for you, dear customers, a colleague remarked that there is a lot of wisdom in a pencil. When asked what he meant, he gave the first wisdom to the best. A smirk went through the round and everyone was nodding approvingly. It was not long before a colleague moved in and gave the second wisdom. And after a short pause, the third wisdom was already due.

Would you like to know what has been discussed in the creative round? With pleasure.

helfende Hand mit Stift | Reidinger.de

Helping hand

When a Reidinger pencil comes out of production and goes out into the world as a promotional gift, it can do great things. But only if someone takes him in the hand. In a transcendent sense, great tasks are also much easier for us, and problems are solved more quickly if we can rely on a helping hand.

Stiftspitzer: einschneidende Erfahrung | Reidinger.de

Cutting-edge experiences

In order for the Reidinger pencil to function and fulfill its tasks fully, it has to experiences a painful sharpness from time to time. We also have to cope with the school of life - and the curriculum is not just about lessons with positive, but also some painful experiences.

hart Schale, weicher Kern | Reidinger.de

Hard shell soft core

To leave a mark, the Reidinger pencil has a hard wooden shell, but a soft graphite core. Even for us a hard shell helps us to be armed against external influences. But only the soft core makes us sympathetic people, so that we are able to feel compassion for others and react empathically.

Fehler korrigieren | Reidinger.de

correct mistakes

From time to time a Reidinger pencil might do some mistakes. But this is easy to correct with the eraser. Right! The pencil gives us the courage to leave the known paths and look beyond the box. This makes some adjustments necessary. But it is the final result that counts and leaving common paths is necessary to create something new.

Spuren hinterlassen | Reidinger.de

leave traces

A Reidinger pencil in its function reliably performs its work and leaves meaningful traces on the most diverse writing surfaces and surface structures. We also have to adapt ourselves to different situations in our lives, and often enter unknown terrain.

Bleistiftkonfigurator: flexibel einsetzbar | Reidinger.de

Flexible to use

A Reidinger pencil is extremely versatile and adapts to the circumstances. Sometimes it is "glamorous", then again "practically" or sometimes it even is a king or a queen. It will definitely not do any harm to us if we think and act flexibly. There should even be people who "re-invent" theirselves for several times during their lives.

Bleistift mit Bart: lange Lebensdauer | Reidinger.de

Long Lifetime

Until the Reidinger pencilgets "small," it takes quite a while. Until the lead comes to its end, almost countless ideas can be held with it. And Humankind? Is not a humans lifetime – compared to the lifetime of a fly – almost immortal? If we make our lives varied and enrichen it with ideas and fantasy, it remains exciting until the last minute.

Do you also see some wisdom in a simple product like a pencil? Please send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to your suggestions and would like to be surprised by you.

Greetings, your Reidinger team.