Custom made pencils

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Custom-made pencils: noticeable and exceptional brand messengers

You would like to turn your pencil into a very special promotional messenger? You have quite a creative and individual idea?

Call us or send an e-mail: 09732 91050 or
and our team of specialists helps and supports you with the realization of your custom-made pencil.

Examples for custom-made pencils:

•  Lacquering with special colors

•  Lacquered cap and ring in your individual length and color

•  End cap in your desired color

•  Thin or skinny pencils

•  Special pencil lengths

•  unsharpened, sharpened on both ends

•  All-round print

•  transparent imprint

•  Print over edge

Custom-made pencils are attention-seeking promotional products

Custom-made pencils have a decisive advantage in the area of promotional articles: they stand out from the crowd. Additionally, custom-made pencils are made to reach customers of your target group in a special campaign

Let your ideas flow free, we support you in the realization of your unique pencil.

Any Questions? We are at your service!

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Free Graphic Service

You would like to use a pencil with logo as a promotional item, but have no idea how it could look like? We will be happy to make you a suggestion. Simply use our Free Graphic Service:

  1. Choose a pencil: Choose your individual pencil.
  2. Send data: Send us your desired motif and text.
  3. Receive your design for free: Our graphics team will create a free design for you (usually you will receive it the same day).

Free design request

Examples for custom-made products:


You would like to have your pencils lacquered in a color that is not one of our standard colors? That is no problem, just let us know your specific Pantone C, HKS or RAL color. There are also some pastel tones we can realize.

In addition to gold and silver lacquering we also offer a special bronze lacquering:

An overview of our standard colors can be found here.

Transparent imprint:

Motifs or shapes in transparent color give your pencil an optical and haptic effective surface. A transparent imprint is visually a bit »raised« on lacquered pencils. On natural pencils it makes the surface on which it is imprinted look a bit darker. Create nice effects with a transparent imprint!

Thin or skinny pencils:

If it has to be something slender we also offer pencils with smaller diameters. Like normal pencils, they can be imprinted or combined with a lacquered cap.

Pencil with string:

With the string at the end of the pencil it can easily be hung up everywhere – even a magic trick works with this pencil.

unsharpened and sharpened on both ends:

For a special appearance the pencils are also available unsharpened and sharpened on both ends, imprinted with your logo. An unsharpened pencil can be turned into a wand for example, with two lacquered caps on both ends.

Lacquered cap:

In general, a lacquered cap is about 15 mm in length. Lacquered caps with individual length are also possible. Use this option for an effective imprint of your logo or desired text.

Lacquered ring:

In addition to a lacquered cap you can attach a lacquered ring to your pencil. No matter if you want 3 or 4 rings, the choice is up to you. Maybe you take rings in your national colors or simply choose some colors for the rings that match with the colors of your logo.

End cap:

An end cap covers the unsharpened end of a sharpened pencil. Usually it is the same color as the lacquer color for the pencil, but other colors are also possible. A quite elegant way of using the end cap is a black colored pencil, white lacquered and with black end cap.

Pencil length:

You can choose between long and short pencils. If you are looking for a specific length we can produce that for you as well. For pencils with or without eraser.

Print over edge (hexagonal pencil):

You have decided to take a hexagonal pencil but would like your motif imprinted on two sides of the pencil? A single color imprint over edge, on two sides of the pencil is possible.

All-round print:

In agreement with the printing company an all-round imprint is also possible. For example, colored rings with a specific gap can be imprinted all-round on a pencil. In contrast to screen printing there is no blank space between the imprint on one side of the pencil.

You have got more ideas and concepts we haven't mentioned above? Simply contact us, we would be happy to make you an individualized offer and attempt to turn your ideas into action.