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coloring books for adults

Coloring books for adults

Not only children like to use coloring books. Now even adults enjoy this new trend that offers some sort of relaxation. Get to know more about that relaxation technique for stress reduction on our page coloring book for adults.

colored pencils for children, with boy and girl coloring pitures on the floor

Colored pencils for children

Chilrden like it colorful – the little artists like to decorate their environment with colorful pictures. A creative pastime where you only need paper, colored pencils and imagination. Apart from nice colors, adults should look for good quality.

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Wisdom of a pencil, drawing of a question mark

Wisdom of a pencil

What wisdom is in our pencils? Much more than one might think!
Read more about the things a pencil can tell us.
Wisdom of a pencil

sketch ZentangleZentangle

Zentangle is an American method of drawing that, among other
things, increases personal well-being. Invented by Rick Roberts and
Maria Thomas, it is a combination of meditation and art. Suitable
for beginners as well as passionate hobby artists.

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