Colored pencils for children:
colorfulness isn't the only thing to keep in mind

Colored pencils are part of the basic equipment in any children’s room. With them, little artists will draw pictures and set their creativity free. They discover colored pencils at an early age and start to decorate their environment.

While children are fascinated by bright colors, adults should take an interest in the health safety of the pencils. Here at Reidinger, the colored pencils for children are not only TÜV tested but also comply with the toy safety order.

Jumbo, hexagonal colored pencils offer a better grip for little hands

The benefit of › Jumbo pencils is their better handling for little children. It is easier for them to grip Jumbo pencils than normal pencils. Small notches offer a better grip than triangular or different shaped pencils. The handling is easier and the formfitting ergonomic shape supports a correct position in the hand of the child.

Colored pencils are subject to the toy safety order

Children have an increased metabolism and therefore poisonous heavy metals and harmful substances find their way into the blood much faster. This can cause dangerous consequences for the health of our younger generation (such as tiredness, weakness, lack of appetite). Therefore, › colored pencils are assigned to the toy safety order of the European Union and contains these points:

  • Pollution level (limiting values for heavy metals, prohibited plasticizers, azo dyes, organic-chemical compounds, nitrosamines and nitrosable substances)
  • The provision of warnings
  • Identification of manufacturer and importer

Responsible manufacturers use specific food coloring that comply with the DIN EN 71/III toy safety order. A sure sign for compliance with the guidelines is the CE label, which German manufacturers are obliged to follow.

Wood instead of plastic – natural instead of lacquering

The problem with lacquered colored pencils made of plastic are the plasticizers in the lacquering. Though they are regulated by law, it is much better to refer to wooden pencils for children have the habit of putting toys to their mouths. With our promotional products made of natural wood, there is no risk that harmful substances, such as toxic colors, solvents or heavy metals, enter the body of the child.

Pay attention to quality labels and certificates

A sure sign for good quality of the colored pencils for children are the commonly agreed labels, which include:

  • GS symbol (state certified safety)
  • TÜV Rheinland

Toys with these labels are not only examined for harmful substances but also on compatibility. The FSC certificate is important for wooden colored pencils because it represents sustainability and environmental awareness. Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest awards provide useful information which colored pencils are suitable for children.

Buy promotional products with a good feeling

Here at Reidinger, we have our promotional colored pencils for children regularly tested for harmful substances by the TÜV. For the health of children we gladly pay for this coverage. The pencils also comply with the toy safety order DIN EN 71 – part 1 to 3. You can have a good feeling when giving away our colored pencils to your customers!


Our promotional pencils are Made in EU, FCS® certified, tested by TÜV and compliant with the toy-safety-order DIN EN 71/III.