Colors, wood and leads


Unlike fountain and ball pens, wooden writing utensils need re-sharpening from time to time. To make sure that operation is easily done, all our › pencils are made out of lime wood. It is easy to sharpen pencils made of this wood, and furthermore it is a good combination of stability and flexibility.


The pencil leads are produced by burning of a mixture of clay (as a binding agent) and graphite. The hardness of a lead arises from the mixed proportions of these materials. The more graphite, the softer the lead. Our pencils are usually supplied with a medium hard lead (HB). On request, we can supply other hardness grades. Our special-purpose pencils have leads with special addittives, allowing their individual use on shiny, damp or even porous surfaces, as required.


All varnish paints used by us correspond to the EN71 - norm. We will be pleased to send you a color-sample!

Download a summary of our used colours in the › Download-area