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Climate neutral products

What does the definition »climate-neutral products« mean?

In a nutshell: all caused CO2 emissions are compensated by approved and certified climate protection projects. That means that everybody can easily do something for climate protection by buying climate-neutral products.

In order to be able to really compensate all caused CO2 emissions, they have to be calculated in the first step. We have decided to work together with »ClimatePartner« (TÜV-certified).

The calculation of our CO2 consumption is divided as follows:

  1. Total product range, including logistics
    The entire production, including all used materials and all shipping routes, up to the delivery to you as customer
  2. Company Headquarter in Hammelburg
    Electricity and Heating, employee travel ways, material supplies, etc.
  3. Operation of our website
    power consumption of the data center and energy consumption of site visitors.

Compensation of 173.347 kg CO2

The calculated CO2 consumption is the main factor for all further calculations and processes and is updated annually!

In order to be able to achieve climate neutrality for this CO2 consumption, also known as the »CO2 footprint«, CO2 must be bound from the atmosphere.

This is achieved, for example, through certified climate protection projects! For this purpose we have formed a partnership with the company »ClimatePartner« from Munich. Their worldwide climate protection projects generate so-called climate protection certificates, which are certified and approved by TÜV Süd. The revenue from the purchase of these certificates is invested in tested and recognised climate protection projects, or rather, makes them possible in the first place!

For example, at the end of 2015, at a summit of the United Nations, the »Agenda 2030« was approved by all member states. This agenda is centred around 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are intended to change our planet in a sustainable manner by the year 2030.

The 17 Sustainable Developement Goals - in a nutshell

Our climate protection projects

  1. Regional projects: tree planting (Germany)
  2. Solar energy Omaheke (Namibia) and
  3. Clean Oceans, Plastic Bank (Worldwide)

These 3 projects meet 13 of the 17 goals!

The 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN are much more than just climate protection: They are about the local people!

The SDGs help the people to improve the social structures. At the same time, investments are made in health, labour, education, water and energy!

This is how something really valuable can be created from the production of a promotional pencil. And you can actively contribute to this by purchasing it.