Mini pencils, golf & short pencils

Make it short and brief – mini pencils as promotional product

There are many types of pencils. In this article we want to introduce the short pencils – also known as golf-pencils, mini-pencils and hotel-pencils.

Many terms for the same product: it is a particularly short pencil with about 8.5 cm in length, usually round and painted. The most common term is golf-pencils, since they are typically encountered on golf courses.

The short pencils are available in different versions:

  1. round, triangular or hexagonal
  2. natural and black dyed wood
  3. different lacquer colors (special colors on request): color overview of the lacquer colors
  4. can be individualised with lacquered cap and ring
  5. with or without eraser
  6. sharpened with lead in HB (other hardness grades on request)
  7. screen printing, pad printing, digital printing or stamping

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Mini Pencil

Whether you call the short pencil a golf or hotel pencil, the handy pencil is perfect as a small giveaway. Due to its handy size and the possibility to have it printed on, with the short pencil you will receive a promotional item which will surely fit into every advertising budget!

These short pencils create a very special feeling while writing, because they are a little bit more handy than the longer pencils or carpenter pencils and can be stored easily in your bag or backpack.

Possible field of use:

The hotel pencils are not only suitable for hotels of course. For other industries such as museums, travel industry or geocaching, the short pencils are ideal as smart and affordable advertising messenger. Always imprinted with your logo or lettering!

A few examples:

Travel industry: Who has not heard of it? Just when you need a pen, you don't have one at hand. Whether it's to solve a crossword puzzle or simply to make a few quick notes. For little customers the mini pencil is also ideal for drawing. So time flies!

Mini pencils as hotel pencils: If visitors need a pen, they usually get a ballpoint pen. After using it, you can generally return it to the reception desk or waitress. In this situation, the small mini pencils would be ideal for advertising and handing them over to customers as complimentary gifts.

By giving the customer such a pencil, it first disappears in the hand luggage and is then placed on the desk or another clearly visible place upon arrival. And who knows, maybe this person will have the mentioned mini pencil at hand during the next hotel reservation and will remember the wonderful holiday!