Information on Reidingers Products

You would like to know more about Reidinger products to decide on the right one?
On these pages you will easily find the answers to your questions such as possible uses, colors, wood and leads.
More information about your imprint on our products can be found in the › advertising section.

All Reidinger products are available with many individual options:
from the solid › carpenter pencil over to › colored pencil sets to the › sparkling Crystal-pencil.
All Reidinger products comply with current environmental regulations. According to environment-friendly production and wood as basic raw material (renewable resources), the pencil belongs to the most environmentally friendly products!

Additional information about pencils, folding rules, colored pencils and carpenter pencils

There are several reasons for choosing › a pencil as promotional product.

You have many possible options to imprint a pencil. Have a look at our › gallery where we show you examples of different advertisings and how to use the pencil as ideal advertising product. Even with colored pencils you have many possible options.

Learn more about short pencils that are also called › Golfbleistifte.

Apart from pencils we also offer › individually imprinted folding rules.  There is a configuration tool for folding rules where you can easily design your desired product. As well as pencils, folding rules are suitable for all kinds of branches.