The eldest material in human history – Wood

As one of our basic natural materials, wood is used for more than 400.000 years in all situations and life areas: building industry, furniture production, packaging material, paper production, as chemical basic substance, energy production and as natural material for pencil production of course.

Renewable and requested material

This material does not only look good, it is also quite sustainable: production and fabrication requires less energy than other materials. Furthermore, wood is completely recyclable. The forest and wooden products in Germany help to reduce greenhouse gases to 130 millions of tons CO2 per year (ca. 13 percent national CO2 emissions per year).

There is so much wood in German forests as never before – despite intensive use. The total supply of forest (wood) in 2016 was at 3,7 billions of cubic meters. That is about one third of the territory of Germany. With 121,6 Mio m³ per year, timber growth remains at a high level.??

Not only timber stock is at a high level – there is an active demand for this natural material. Demand for environmentally friendly manufactured materials is growing worldwide. That puts wood fully in line with the trend! Forests are more versatile than ever and more wood grows back than we use due to a sustainable use of wood. That means, the same amount of wood that is used has to grow back. German forest is cultivated according to this principle for more than 200 years. With an annual timber growth of ca. 120 Mio m³ only 70 Mio. m³ are used – if this principle of sustainable us of timber continues in the future enough wood will be at hand.

Facts and figures:

Total timber stock in Germany: ca. 3,7 Mrd m³
Annual timber growth: ca. 121,6 Mio m³
Annual logging: ca. 76 Mio m³

Close to its roots and with a clear message

Like no other material, wood is the ideal ecological product for many different purposes.  
Optically it looks more high quality than plastic and is warm, soft and sensual in the touch.

Lime wood for pencils can be used in its natural form. It has ideal processing properties such as good sharpening – a climate friendly wood that can score points with short distances. And you can score points by your customers! With pencils made of local wood you focus on sustainable articles. And many people place importance on that. Show a responsible relationship with the earth’s resources by using wood and underline the ecological orientation of your company.

Further help offer the FSC and PEFC seals. Both stand for a sustainable forest management. There are about 6,9 Mio. hectare in Germany (2/3 of German forests).

The pencil – the ideal ecological promotional product

If you are looking for an ecological promotional product the pencil is the best option to carry your message to your customers and promote it on the long-term. A pencil imprinted with your company name or logo is not only a nice and sustainable product, it also conveys your customer with a sense of appreciation and shows your company's ecological orientation.

Certification for wooden products

There are two systems for certified woods: PEFC and FSC

Both impose high standards especially on sustainability, environmental sustainability in forest management, work quality and the forest operations social competence. Both certificates meet the criteria of the EU Commission:
voluntariness, independent review, transparency, cost efficiency, open access


PEFC Deutschland e.V. guarantees the safeguarding of the owner’s interest. Forest owners with full responsibility for their business have a reasonable right to say in the Deutschen Forstzertifizierungsrat (DFZR).


At »FSC Arbeitsgruppe Deutschland e.V.« forest owners are in a minority. Together with other groups they are in the Economic Chamber, one of three chambers. They can be outvoted at any time if they can’t form an alliance with other members. Decisions are only possible with members holding at least two third of the votes and no chamber votes against it. Decisions on the guidelines need at least 75 % of the votes.