Coloring books for adults:
Catch your colored pencils and start coloring!

Coloring pictures as relaxation techniques for stress reduction are currently in trend. The coloring books are particularly appealing, as everyone can paint as they please. Whether colorful or in black/white - there is no right or wrong. According to the principle: whatever pleases is beautiful! Anyone who wants to start small at first can make his first strokes with the well-known color scheme "Paint by Numbers".

Coloring books are not only for children

It is a fact that everyday life becomes ever more stressful: through digitalization one is reachable always and everywhere, there is high pressure at work and private life should not suffer as a result. For this reason, stressed people increasingly rely on relaxation techniques to clear their mind. Coloring books for adults can help as they:

  • enable recreation, relaxation and stress reduction
  • are meditative
  • Are suitable for really everyone
  • Are very cost-effective compared to other relaxing tecniques

The right coloring picture for everyone

Coloring books for adults are no longer a novelty. The real trend started in 2013, as the »Queen of coloring pictures« Johanna Basford released their book My secret garden. The combination of mandala, fantasy and nature got to number one in the bestseller list in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom. It was recognized that coloring books for adults work well to relax and offer a compensation of the stressful everyday life. Since then there are lots of books to help you get going:

› Painting by numbers

The pictures are marked with numbers, and every number stands for a specific color. The recall childhood drawings but are equipped with more difficult motifs for adults. Famous works of art can be copy painted and everyone can be become a »great« artist.

› Point-to-point

These coloring books follow a similar scheme. But here all the outlines are made out of numbers which have to be connected. Only then one can see the actual motif is visible and can be colored.

› Mandalas

They are perfect for beginners. A benefit: the more colorful it gets the better it looks. Fans of drawing can let loose their creativity.

You have the agony of choice: the question of the right pencil

Colored pencils, felt pens or watercolors can be used for coloring books. To color pictures, › colored pencils are a very good choice. Subtle accents can be placed as well as a variation of color intensity due to different pressure while drawing. If the pencil is soluble in water you have the option to smooth the colors for soft shadows and a more three-dimensional look. Felt pens offer intensive colors that are perfect to highlight parts of the picture. A combination of both pencils brings the picture to life.

A present that is great for relaxation

› Coloring pictures for adults shall relieve stress and offer a compensation of the stressful working life. To meet the needs of your employees, just follow the current trend and give them colored pencils and coloring books. If the need a creative break they can use these presents. Furthermore, it shows that the management floor is interested in good working conditions by responding to the needs of the employees and increasing their productivity.