Which pencil for which purpose?

Here we are going to tell you about the potential uses for our pencils and special pencils. That you always find »the right one«! No matter if you want to mark, sketch, draw or write something – for every use we offer the right pencil.

carpenter pencil are true all-rounders

Carpenter pencil

Field of use: suitable for nearly all surfaces
The ideal tool for marking, drawing or sketching – a true all-rounder for all
sorts of projects.

Masonry pencil with universal use

Masonry pencil

Field of use: suitable for hard and porouse surfaces
Perfect for writing or marking things on stone, plaster, concrete and many more.
With special 6H lead.

Graphite-/Copy pencil for wet surfaces

Lead-/ Copy pencil

Field of use: suitable for wet surfaces
Wood, gypsum, cardboard or more – this pencil can still write on things
that got moist/wet.

All-writing pencil with special wax lead for smooth surfaces

All-writing pencil

Field of use: suitable for smooth surfaces
Write on foil, plastic, tiles and even glass. With our all-writing pencils
you’re prepared for smooth surfaces.

Multigraph pencil for smooth surfaces

Multigraph pencil

Field of use: suitable for all smooth surfaces
Writing on smooth surfaces such as iron, metal or glass – no problem with the
Multigraph graphite lead.