Magnetic folding rule

Create and caclulate prices for your own magnetic folding rule using the  › product-configuration tool

Magnetic folding rule – measuring tool with additional benefit

In addition to hammer and carpenter pencil measuring tools must not be missing in a toolbox. Folding rules are »the« measuring tool not only for do-it-yourself jobs at home.

The magnetic folding rule offers an additional benefit: with its magnetic end it is easy to pick up and collect screws and other small parts! With an individual imprint the magnetic folding rule is easily turned into a promotional messenger. Practical and extraordinary, with these two aspects you can leave a lasting impression.

This is how your folding rule could look like: folding rules, that we have created for customers

You can find further examples in our gallery: folding rules


Folding rule configurator

Just a few klicks and you create your own individual folding rule - perfectly suiting to your corporate design!


  1. Choose special pencil: become a designer yourself and create your own individual special pencil
  2. Show and calculate prices: Prices are shown in real-time, so you can easily keep an eye on your budget!
  3. Upload Logo and text: Your printing motif changes a regular special pencil into an individual promotional messenger!


Create my own folding rule now!

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Further information about our products together with proofs and printing areas for our colored pencils can be found in the › download-section

Further information about our magnetic folding rule:

Specifications of the magnetic folding rule

  1. made out of beech wood
  2. EU accuracy class III
  3. inner steel springs
  4. high quality protective lacquer finish
  5. angle partition on the 3rd and 4th link
  6. 90° grating
  7. included magnet on the first element

The meter with the M point: More than just a folding rule:

The folding rule is now available with a practical additional function that makes the work of craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers noticeably easier: as its name suggests, the magnetic folding rule has a magnet incorporated in the initial link, which helps to pick up fallen screws, nails and other metal objects. Whether in hard-to-reach places such as behind the heater or to simply pick them up from the ground when standing straight on the ladder - the meter stick with magnet does a good job as an extended arm.

And of course, the patented product also proves its practical suitability as a measuring tool and not only as a promotional item: Individually printed, the smart tool becomes an extraordinary helper that is guaranteed to be used and will be remembered for a long time.

Printing areas of the magnetic folding rule

depending on your needs we can imprint your motif from 1 to 4 colors or even with digital printing for an allover printing on the folding rules 

Printing area with pad printing (1 to 4 color printing)

printing area with digital printing

All information about the requirements for your printing data cen be found here › printing data requirements.


Magnetic folding rule in action