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Eraser topper for pencils – imprinted with your logo

Design and calculate prices for your special shaped erasers as topping for your pencils with the pencil configuration tool

Eraser topper as promotional messenger

When mistakes happen they are easily »wiped out« with an eraser. The useful and handy tool from Reidinger is made with a small hole on the lower side. That turns the eraser into a convenient eraser topper!

Tip: combined with an imprinted pencil, the eraser with its special shape and extra large advertising space it easily turned into an eye-catching promotional article!

This is how your eraser pencil topper could look like: eraser topper, that we have created for customers

You can find further examples in our gallery: eraser pencil toppers


Pencil configurator

Just a few klicks and you create your own individual pencil - perfectly suiting to your corporate design!


  1. Choose pencil: become a designer yourself and create your own individual pencil
  2. Show and calculate prices: Prices are shown in real-time, so you can easily keep an eye on your budget!
  3. Upload Logo and text: Your printing motif changes a regular pencil into an individual promotional messenger!


Create my own pencil now!

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Further informationen about our eraser topper for pencils

Pencil + Eraser – the perfect pair?

There is not much that goes as well with an imprinted pencil than a funny and original designed eraser. Apart from the basic function of an eraser (to correct mistakes) eraser toppers offer additional space to individualize your promotional product. If needed, an imprint can be placed on both sides of the eraser. 

To cut a long story short: imprinted eraser + imprinted pencil = double benefit = double Advertising effect!

Eraser topper: standard colors and shapes for pencils


Funny animals, colorful fruits or pretty motifs – eraser toppers can be manufactured in any imaginable shape and imprinted with a suitable motif.

Standard shapes (round eraser, eraser rectangle, heart shaped eraser, oval eraser) are convenient for almost every motif. Our pencil-experts can also realize your personalized shape already from small quantities.

The large space on the eraser is perfect for a logo, a little mascot or a nice photo scene.

What is the best way to use an eraser for an advertising campaign?

Imprinted erasers as Give Aways.

  • Use the eraser topper as personalized not (»I like you«) and bring a smile to the faces of your customers!
  • The eraser can also be used as a reminder for an important date (»Open House Day 17.06.«). Even when the date is over your customer has a lasting reminder.
  • A little present for Christmas or New Year – choose a reflective Christmas motif or an eraser shaped as a star or Christmas tree. Your customers will look forward to the festive event.
  • Eraser toppers as promotional present for children? Of course! The little artists are real masters for creative drawings. But sometimes it happens that a stroke is not in the right place. Than it is time for an eraser (imprinted with your advertising message of course) to save the masterpiece. Colorful or imprinted erasers with funny motifs for children will remain in use for a long time.

Surprise us with more creative ideas – we are happy to realize them!

Material, color and imprint of erasers

What material is used for the erasers?
The erasers are manufactured in an environmentally friendly process on TPE basis without PVC plasticisers / phthalates. The material is fully recyclabl

In which colors are the erasers available?
The basic material of the erasers is white. A white surface provides the best printing results. Other colors can also possible.

How are the erasers imprinted?
Our printing experts choose the suitable printing technique depending on your printing motif – to reach the best possible printing result!
When choosing a colored eraser, we make a white primer to ensure that your motif is visible on the colored eraser.

Free Graphic Service

You would like to use a pencil with eraser topper as a promotional product, but have no idea how it could look like? We will be happy to make you a suggestion. Simply use our Free Graphic Service:

  1. Choose a pencil with eraser topper: Choose your individual pencil and eraser.
  2. Send data: Send us your desired motif and text.
  3. Receive your design for free: Our graphics team will create a free design for you (usually you will receive it the same day).

Free design request

Our standard eraser shapes:

Eraser rectangle

Do you want to print a photo or a large text on the pencil-top eraser? The rectangular shape offers the optimal space for this. Any »postcard« motif or logos that need a lot of space fit perfectly on the rectangular shape.

Measurements: 28 x 23 x 13 mm

Round eraser

The round eraser is suitable, for example, for logos that can be put on the end of the pencil as addition to the printing on the pencil itself. If your logo already has a round shape or adapts well to a round shape this eraser is just the right thing for you. Any round object (for example pizza, emoticons, ...) can be perfectly presented on the round surface.

Measurements: diameter ø 29 mm, thickness ca. 13 mm

Heart shaped eraser

Your customers literally are at your heart? Show it with the heart shaped eraser! It is not only suitable for Valentine’s Day, with a matching motif or slogan it can easily be transformed into a striking statement which shows what your heart is beating for!

Measurements: 31 x 32 x 13 mm

Oval eraser

Delivering promotional messages with the oval eraser shows your advertising message in no time. Just put it on the end of a pencil and your message is visible even from afar. With its oval shape you can easily boost the statement printed on it, a funny statement or even a logo in portrait format – with the oval shape there is enough space for it!

Measurements: 27 x 35 x 13 mm

You have got more ideas and concepts we haven't mentioned above? Simply contact us, we would be happy to make you an individualized offer and attempt to turn your ideas into action.

You want to benefit from the additional advertising effectiveness? Ask for your own individual eraser topper, our pencil experts will be happy to advise you!