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Social commitment

We like to share our success with people whoe are not so well off. We therefore regularly support the following charitable organizations:


In almost every country on earth and available for children around the clock. We support UNICEF because only through help change becomes possible for children.

Umweltinstitut Münchencampact

Founded after the 1986 reactor disaster in Chernobyl, they have since been campaigning against nuclear power, for GMO-free food, organic farming and the energy transition.


With scientific studies and analyses, they aim to push political action for 100% renewable energy and climate protection worldwide. In addition, they advise policy makers with their non-partisan network of scientists and parliamentarians.


The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) has been active in more than 100 countries for more than 50 years and is one of the largest environmental protection organizations worldwide. Around the globe, they carry out projects to guard biodiversity. That's what we want to support.


We support the citizens' movement that fights for progressive politics. With online petitions, they address those responsible in parliaments, governments and corporations.

»Ein Herz für Kinder«

As a supplier of colored pencils and lead pencils, we hopefully have been a pleasure for many children. But we know, of course, how many underprivileged children and children who are in need there are ... so we wanted to get involved especially in this direction and donate to the organization »Ein Herz für Kinder«. »Ein Herz für Kinder« gets involved where children are in need - worldwide. With our donation we want to say: THANK YOU!

greenpeace Logo 2017Because sustainability and environemental protection are very important to us as well: ›

Logo from Aktion Deutschland hilft We want to help innocent people who have lost everything due to desasters. Additionally we support »Aktion Deutschland hilft« with their emergency Corona assistance (worldwide).

Ärzte ohne Grenzen Logo 2017

Medicins sans Frontieres

Standard for us, for many unattainable -
Medical assistance where it is necessary!

Kinderkiste Hammelburg Logo 2017We also want to support regional organizations, especially when it comes to children: ›

Plan International Logo 2017Because we care about children all over the world! We want a society that protects children's rights and treats children with dignity and respect:

Deutsche Krebshilfe Logo 2017We would like to help fight cancer in all forms! ›

Vier Pfoten Tierschutz Logo 2017Of course we do not forget our four-legged friends:

Tierheim Wannigsmühle Logo

»Stiftung Tierheim Wannigsmühle«

Protection of animals concerns all of us. The animal shelter »Wannigsmühle« is extensively committed to animal welfare in many areas:

Wildtierstation Rhön Saale e.V. Logo

Die Wildtierstation Rhön-Saale e.V.

The Wildtierstation Rhön-Saale e.V. takes care of injured, orphaned or wild animals otherwise in need
on a voluntary basis:

Münsterschwarzach Logo


»Abtei Münsterschwarzach«

We support Münsterschwarzach Abbey in its mission to help disadvantaged people in the best possible way:

Brücke e.V. Schweinfurt Logo


Brücke e.V. Schweinfurt

The association "Brücke e.V. helps people in need bureaucratically and at eye level:


Rehkitzrettung Unterfranken

Every year many fawns still die during agricultural mowing. The Rehkitzrettung Unterfranken offers farmers and hunting tenants voluntary help. It scans the areas before the mowing using drones or walking off. They then carry the fawns out with disposable gloves, so that the deer goat can lead its fawn off without human smell:

Guarda Florestal

Guarda Florestal

The project: Guarda Florestal (GF) means translated "forest guard".
The preservation of the forest of Amazonia, already reduced by a third of its former size, is not only a question for the indigenous tribes, but is likewise important for the industrial nations:

Donations in kind

By producing millions of pens sometimes surplus productions and defect productions happen. We donate 100% of them to non-profit organizations:

Logo Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V.Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V.

The non-profit association Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V. has been active in Namibia since 2015 and is dedicated to the development of children, youth and family support. Exclusively active in Namibia and based on the UN Children's Rights, the supported projects are designed for a sustainable improvement of living conditions as well as consistency.
All implemented and current projects and further information can be found at

Logo German Children’s FundGerman Children’s Fund

The German Children’s Fund wants children to have a good life! The organization is engaged in overcoming child poverty, for the social participation of children and young people, for sufficient opportunities to play and for fair educational opportunities as well as learning democratic processes. You can find more information here:

Logo Geschenk mit HerzGeschenk mit Herz

The humedica campaign "Geschenk mit Herz“ supports children in need worldwide. Many children live in poverty, without any perspective or protection. They are rarely allowed to simply be children – the "Geschenk mit Herz" campaign brings Christmas joy to children all over the world and puts a smile on their faces. More about it on

logo of the association Fulda stellt sich quer e.V.Fulda stellt sich quer e.V.

»Fulda stellt sich quer e.V.« is an association that fights agains racism, exclusion, xenophobia and  homophobia.

After the offensive war on Ukraine on February 24th 2022, more than 1.000 women and children have already arrived in Fulda. In order to support the local volunteers and social organizations with the offered German lessons, »Fulda stellt sich quer e. V.« has started a project to support the German courses, for which we are happy to donate pencils and colored pencils.

At the intercultural week in Fulda 2017 they represented themselves with information stands and events such as a raffle and auctions. For their raffle we supported »Fulda stellt sich quer« with a pencil and colored pencil donation, to fund their further projects.

Christmas in a Shoebox, logo of Operation Christmas ChildChristmas in a Shoebox

»Christmas in a Shoebox« is part of »Operation Christmas Child« – the biggest gift campaign worldwide for children in need. Not all children know happiness or love in the form of care via presents. Most of the affected families cannot afford the money for toys or painting materials. We supported »Christmas in a Shoebox« with a pencil and colored pencil donation – because colored pencils help to design the world in a more colorful way!

German Red Cross SchorndorfDRK Schorndorf

Not all people can afford necessary items for their household. The new re-opened »Kleiderstube« of the German Red Cross Schorndorf has set itself the task of supporting needy people with clothes, toys and household items at low prices (in many cases at no cost). For the beginning of the school year 2017 we supported the German Red Cross with a pencil and colored pencil donation. Now socially deprived children can call a pencil case with writing utensils as well as a filled School cone their own!


logo of Stifte stiftenStifte stiften

For Valentines Day we supported a project of the 1-2-3 Kinderfonds foundation with 1.402 colored pencils. They were sent to a school in Ghana near Koforidua.

Only if you have paper and pencils, it is possible for children to enjoy learning! And with colored pencils, they can easily put their thoughts and dreams on paper. With that, pencils from defect productions can make children happy.


Plan International Logo 2017

PLAN action groups

What to do with cakes and pencils? Right! Collect donations for Plan International Deutschland. The pupils from the class 6b of the Wilhem-Sattler-Realschule in Schweinfurt realized a donation campaign for a water project in Ghana with the help of our material donation. We are proud that our Royal pencils could help and hope that there is an improvement in the water supply in the African country.


Further donations

We also support local organisations, schools and after-school care centres with donations for tombolas, special campaigns or children's events:

  1. Donation in kind for raffle at the summer party of the Waldkindergarten Laufen e.V.
  2. Donation in kind for the raffle at the Elsterwerdaer SV 94 e.V. handball tournament for the benefit of children and youth work at the club
  3. Donation in kind for the children's festival with tombola from the Anderten Misburg support association
  4. Donation in kind for summer party at the AWO Kindergarten Herzhausen
  5. Donation in kind for Children's day campaign for children in need with their parents of the Frauenunion Anhalt-Bitterfeld
  6. Donation in kind for schoolbag project from Wue-Care e.V.
  7. Donation in kind for summer party at the Katharinenschule Fuchsstadt
  8. Donation in kind for Kindergarten festival of the Kindergarten St. Bartholomäus
  9. Donation in kind for the raffle at the youth sports week of the ASV Fürth e.V.
  10. Donation in kind for the play area at the Kirchengemeinde Bickenbach
  11. Donation in kind for the Easter project at the Grundschule Droßdorf
  12. Donation in kind for the Whitsun tournament at the FV 1920 Eppertshausen
  13. Donation in kind for the cup tournament at the BSV Blau-Weiß 05 Bochum
  14. Donation in kind for raffle of the sponsoring association from Anne Frank Schule Raunheim
  15. Donation in kind for raffle at the Kinderhaus St. Bartholomäus
  16. Donation in kind for raffle at the youth center Gröbzig
  17. Donation in kind for Christmas gala with raffle of the 1. Judo Club Samurai Offenbach 1953 e.V.
  18. Donation in kind for the care facility of the Freiherr-vom-Stein Grundschule
  19. Donation in kind for a game collection campaign for Christmas of the association Geschenke gegen Kindertränen e.V.
  20. Donation in kind for a school in Namataba
  21. Donation in kind for raffle at the Gardetreffen of the Tanzgarde TUS Vernich 1927
  22. Donation in kind for support group in Brookmerland
  23. Donation in kind for Evangelische Stiftung Volmarstein Oberlinschule in Wetter
  24. Donation in kind for Christmas market in Braunschweig (OT Lamme) for the benefit of Bewegen mit Herz
  25. Donation in kind for Weihnachten im Schuhkarton
  26. Donation in kind for voluntary Santa Claus Willi Töpfer
  27. Donation in kind for Christmas raffle for Freiwillige Feuerwehr Messenfeld – Neudorf
  28. Donation in kind for VS Eggelsberg
  29. Donation in king for the IGS Busecker Tal
  30. Donation in kind for Raffle of the Christmas party of the Kelbachtaler Blasmusik Prächting e.V.
  31. Donation in kind for die tafelrunde e.V.
  32. Donation in kind for school cone project from USS GmbH
  33. Donation in kind for the association Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V.
  34. Donation in kind for Initiative Helfen mit Herz
  35. Donation in kind for Akademie Überlingen
  36. Donation in kind for raffle at the Spielecafé der Generationen
  37. Donation in kind for raffle at youth weekend of the ASV Fürth e.V.
  38. Donation in kind for Wilhelm-Niedermayer-Grund- und Mittelschule Tittling
  39. Donation in kind for Kita und Elterninitiative die kleinen Strolche in Selm
  40. Donation in kind for the private children's home »Alter Pflug«
  41. Donation in kind for raffle for the dedication of the new fire engine of the Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Hailfingen
  42. Donation in kind for painting corner at the Sonnwendfeuer of Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Hausen
  43. Donation in kind for summer festival of Lerngruppe Altenholz »Die schlauen Füchse« e.V.
  44. Donation in kind for school raffle of Stadt Wuppertal
  45. Donation in kind for raffle for the special show of the Rassegeflügelzuchtvereins Zörbig und Umgebung e.V.
  46. Donation in kind for annual party with raffle of the Tischtennisclub TTC-Westheim
  47. Donation in kind for summer party with raffle of the Kindertagesstätte Pusteblume
  48. Donation in kind for tournament with raffle from the Blumenthaler SV
  49. Summer party with raffle of the Katholischen Kindergarten Sankt Michael in Schweinfurt
  50. Local festival/children's festival of the Kirmesgesellschaft from Hämbach
  51. Raffle at the Kindergarten Regenbogenhaus in Oberschleißheim
  52. Donation in kind for country fair of katholischen Kirchengemeinde St. Agatha
  53. Donation in kind for summer festival at the KfH-Nierenzentrum für Kinder und Jugendlichen Kinderdialyse Marburg
  54. Donation in kind for family celebration of the Evang.-Luth. Kindergarten Kreuzkirche Schweinfurt/Oberndorf
  55. Donation in kind for the raffle of the friends of the Kita Lillipuz
  56. Donation in kind for the raffle of the KiTa Blumenstraße in Klein-Zimmern
  57. Donation in kind for the wheel of fortune from Hand-in-Hand für schwerst- und krebskranke Kinder e.V.
  58. Donation in kind for Caritaskinderhaus St. Konrad / Hacklberg
  59. Easter promotion of the association LApacktAN e.V.
  60. Raffle at the cup tournament of the BSV Blau-Weiß 05 Bochum-Oberdahlhausen e.V.
  61. Donation in kind for raffle at the Kronacher Hundezauber 2023 of the ASB-Kronach
  62. Donation in kind for raffle of the Turngemeinde Ückendorf 1882/11 e.V.
  63. Donation in kind for Förderverein Parkschule Stadtbergen
  64. Donation in kind for events of Family Guide Münsterland
  65. Raffle for the benefit of the project »Leseförderung« of the Bücherei Stetten
  66. Donation in kind for Spendenbrücke Ukraine
  67. Donation in kind for Schule Weil Gemeinschaftsschule
  68. Raffle for social institutions at the 1. Kirchener Klickerverein
  69. Christmas raffle at Foodsaver Wickrath
  70. Donation in kind for the lending station at the Gebrüder-Asam-Mittelschule
  71. Raffle for the class treasury at the autumn festival of the Angelika-Hartmann-Schule
  72. Donation in kind for Elikia e.V.
  73. Donation in kind for less privileged pupils of the Georg-Ledebour-Mittelschule Nürnberg
  74. Raffle for the ev. Kindergarten Oberhörlen
  75. Summer party of the ev. Kindergarten Zum guten Hirten (Dortmund)
  76. Summer party of the Freunde und Förderer der Grundschule Hetzwege e.V.
  77. Summer party with raffle of the Kindertagesstätte St. Georg Diebach
  78. Summer party of the nursery Mäusenest Oberschleißheim
  79. Children's party of the children's sports club SG Mauersberg
  80. Youth tournament with raffle of the TSG Holzhausen-Sylbach
  81. Orfanis
  82. Event of the Turngemeinde Ückendorf 1882/11 e.V.
  83. Raffle for the 50th anniversary of the Sportverein SuS Grün-Weiß Barkenberg 72 e.V.
  84. Open day of the Bundeswehr in Bad Frankenhausen
  85. Welcome groups for Ukrainian children at the Luitpold-Grundschule Schwabach
  86. Multis Fratribus
  87. Raffle for summer party/farewell party of the school beginners in St. Lioba Kindergarten in Hagen
  88. Raffle for Gauß Grundschule Dransfeld
  89. BSV Schefflenz
  90. Brüder Grimm Schule
  91. Catholic Montessori Children's Day Care Center »Zur Heiligen Familie«
  92. Pencils donation for Syrian Refugee Children - An initiative of the Zeltschule e.V.
  93. Waider helfen e.V.
  94. Material boxes for free creative working by Yvonne Franke Art for trauma pedagogical work of the Stiftung ev. Jugendhilfe Menden
  95. GODELMANN Weihnachtstrucker Aktion
  96. Johanniter-Kita Zwergenland Bad Bibra
  97. Brückenschule Bruchköbel
  98. Verein Daraja la Mungu (Brücke Gottes) e.V.
  99. Raffle for the Jugendfeuerwehr Hailfingen
  100. Verein Steirer mit Herz
  101. Kita Kreuzsteinkrümel
  102. Hort-Einrichtung Edderitz
  103. Primary School Hoberge-Uerentrup
  104. SchwaneEvents
  105. Anni Humpert (collects and fills school bags for GAiN Germany)
  106. Elisabethheim Havetoft e.V.
  107. The Easter Bunny from Westphalia
  108. After-school care center Gröbzig
  109. Primary School Edderich
  110. Kindergarten Untererthal
  111. SV Neukirchen-Steinburg 1948 e. V.
  112. German Children's Fund on World Children's Day
  113. Versöhnungskindergarten
  114. ICH e.V.
  115. Off-Grid Europe GmbH
  116. Foodsaver Wickrath
  117. Fulda stellt sich quer e.V.
  118. Hedgehog Station Kelbra
  119. Holte-Grundschule (elementary school)
  120. Christmas Gifts Campaign Mittelangeln
  121. AWO Interdisziplinäre Frühförderstelle
  122. Voluntary fire department Sage
  123. Lions Club Traun
  124. Catholic public library Stetten, Project »Leseförderung«
  125. katholische Grundschule KGS Atsch
  126. Nachbarschaftshilfe Landshut
  127. Carnival Club Birke e. V.
  128. »Ostern im Schuhkarton« for homeless people in Germany
  129. Sekundarschule Thomas Müntzer
  130. Waidler-helfen e. V.
  131. Helferfreunde Frankfurt
  132. Kita Pumuckl Gröbzig
  133. Gemeinschaftsschule Gröbzig
  134. Foodsaver Wickrath
  135. Volunteer Fire Department Children/Youth Oberröblingen
  136. Mountain Rescue Youth Hessen
  137. Kath. Kindertagesstätte St. Georg, Diebach
  138. Freie evangelische Schule Lörrach
  139. Family Rost and Ronald McDonalds Haus Essen
  140. Nanny Rausch
  141. Förderverein der Sophie-Scholl-Grundschule Hailfingen, Rottenburg
  142. LVR-Gerd-Jansen-Schule (Special school for physical and manual development)
  143. Dog training school Komm
  144. Kreisverwaltung Mayen-Koblenz
  145. Schützengilde Döllingen 1876 e.V.
  146. Heimatverein Hörste e. V.
  147. Platanen-Grundschule Blankenfelde, Berlin
  148. Frobenius-Gymnasium Hammelburg
  149. Kita Kinderwelt, Sangershausen
  150. Förderverein Carl Friedrich Gauss-Grundschule, Dransfeld
  151. Raymond Schulz Sanitätsschule, Köthen