Folding Rules with your imprinted advertising

… with large advertising space for your individual imprint › design now and calculate prices with the configuration tool

The folding rule as a promotional item 

High-quality folding rules – individually imprinted with your desired motif – are the perfect advertising gift for every (hobby) craftsman: A low-cost advertising medium with real benefit and especially large advertising space for your advertising message.

Printed advertising folding rules are ideal as a gift for employees or customers. The folding rulers are durable and therefore especially suitable as promotional products. In general, one can say that the ruler should not be missing as a tool in any household. No matter if you are a gifted hobby craftsman or if you have two left thumbs, a folding ruler is always needed.

Every year countless companies successfully use folding rules in their marketing mix. Why? They are suitable for many target groups. They fulfill a real benefit. They last forever!

Ideally you give away a promotional item that will accompany your customers for a long time and will always remind them of your brand.

This is how your folding rule could look like: folding rules, that we have created for customers

You can find further examples in our gallery: folding rules

Folding rule configurator

Just a few klicks and you create your own individual folding rule - perfectly suiting to your corporate design!


  1. Choose special pencil: become a designer yourself and create your own individual special pencil
  2. Show and calculate prices: Prices are shown in real-time, so you can easily keep an eye on your budget!
  3. Upload Logo and text: Your printing motif changes a regular special pencil into an individual promotional messenger!


Create my own folding rule now!

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Further information about our products together with proofs and printing areas for our folding rules can be found in the › download-section

Further information about our folding rules:

You can choose out of many different possibilities:

  1. From a 2m to a mini folding rule. We offer different lengths.
  2. You are interested in a special format? You are look for a 2m folding rule or
    a folding rule with a length of just 1m? Create your individual product in the configuration tool!
  3. Material: wood or plastic? Create your folding rule according to your wishes!
  4. Scales: duplex, half side and middle side. The joints of the folding rule can also be imprinted. Depending on the scale, they offeren different printing areas.
  5. with angle brackets or without them
  6. Folding rule in white, yellow, silver or red? We offer different colors: Farb-Übersicht.
    Special colors – according to your CI – on demand.

With our › folding rule configuration tool you can create your own folding rule, prices are shown in real time. You can be assured: a high quality folding as a present, imprinted with logo, phoot, name etc. is a very welcome promotional article!

Have your imprint on your desired folding rule

You are looking for supplier who can imprint folding rules with your individual design? Then the Reidinger GmbH ist just the supplier for you! We imprint your folding rule with your individual request.

Folding rules can be printed very easily. Using pad printing, digital printing or screen printing, the desired motif is applied in high quality.

You can have (both) the high sides and the bars printed over the entire surface in digital printing or 1-4 colors in pad printing or screen printing:
Your own logo, your company name and your advertising message or a complete motif of your choice is applied in high quality. (Depending on material and model, the printing area varies in size

How do you recognize a good folding rule?


1. Links

  1. Non-breakable and flexible,
  2. All wooden battens are of the same quality,
  3. Resistant coating,
  4. Eco-friendly lacquering,
  5. Quality workmanship.


2. Joints

  1. Strong and smooth-running at the same time,
  2. Corrosion-resistant,
  3. Exact lock in place,
  4. Durable suspension,
  5. Strong support of the joints in the wood.


3. Scale

  1. Good readability – even at poor light conditions,
  2. Accuracy. 

Our folding rules meet the highest quality standards – because we want your clients to have a positive memorable experience with you!

Various designs / models

The folding rules are available in many different variations. You can choose between wood and flexible plastic.

All folding rules can be ordered in lots of different colors, but only few know that folding rules are also available with different scales. You can choose from duplex, free-bar and mid-bar (see chart left: folding ruler scales with marked printing area)

These different bars offer various ways how to place your advertising print.

Wood or plastic? Which folding rule is the best for you:


  1. The raw material plays an important role for an ideal breaking strength for the folding rule joints. Well seasoned and carefully selected wood guarantee a particularly high flexibility.
  2. The wooden battens of each link are made of beech wood.
  3. There is a thorough quality control of each wooden batten before processing.


  1. Plastic folding rules reach top durability because of glass fiber reinforcement.
  2. Extremely durable joints with steel springs: the links can be snapped at a right angle.
  3. The folded out links provide a straight edge. Plastic folding rules are ideal for working in damp locations.

Both of these folding rule versions guarantee an advertising media that is easy to handle, functional and cheap. Its high user value will help you to be present in your customers mind. A wooden folding rule made of certified wood or a plastic folding rule – the choice is yours.

Create your own folding rule

With the help of our › folding rule configuration tool it is easy to design and create your onw folding rule, choose your individual imprint, see prices, have a non-binding enquiry or order right away.Create, compare, order – it is as easy as pie!

The mini-folding-rule

The short version of the folding rule, with its 1 meter length, is very popular with children and also women take pleasure in its short length.

Discover the variety of how a folding rule can be printed. With our folding rule configurator, you can easily create your individual folding rule online, send a request or place your order.

Folding rules are sustainable promotional articles!

The folding ruler guarantees »adverts by the meter« with high practical value – for long lasting promotional effects!

Folding rules range from standard (wooden material, white lacquered, 2m) up to real top quality. Folding rules are available from a variety of colors and shapes, out of wood or plastic. The ideal promotional product not only for men.

All promotional folding rules from Reidinger comply with the EU-accuracy-class III.
All wooden folding rules are solely manufactured in Germany and Europe.

Imprinted folding rules: a promotional article classic