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Make it short and brief – mini pencils as promotional product

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There are many types of pencils. In this article we want to introduce the short pencils – also known as golf-pencils, mini-pencils and hotel-pencils.

Many terms for the same product: it is a particularly short pencil with about 8.5 cm in length, usually round and painted. The most common term is golf-pencils, since they are typically encountered on golf courses.

But no matter if it’s golf courses or geocaching, the short and handy pencil is always a sporty companion. Wherever it shall be practical and »stylish«, the short pencil is the ideal promotional gift or item. These short pencils convey a very special feeling when writing, for they are a bit more manageable than the longer pencils or carpenter's pencils. Thus, they are ideal as poromotional item or giveaway.

More meaningful areas of application are, for example, the airport and airlines. Who does not know that? You need a pencils but do not have one. To solve crossword puzzles or to make some quick notes. In addition, mini pencils are ideal for drawing; in particular for small passengers - as time goes by in a flash.

Mini pencils as Hotel pencils: If visitors need a pen, they often receive a ballpoint pen. After using it you have to give the pencil back (in most cases).

Just in this situation, a golf pencil would be the perfect solution!

If the visitor is given such a pencil, it will »go on tour« in the hand luggage and carry the message through many hands. When returning home this pencil might end up on the desk and who knows – maybe this person intends to book a hotel another time. And with your pencil on his desk he certainly will remember the beautiful days in your hotel.

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