Create individual Jumbo colored pencils as promotional product

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Jumbo colored pencils in an etui – a present for children

Jumbo pencils are quite popular as one of the first presents in live. Drawing encourages creativity and is a useful activity for children. With an extra-large surface, Jumbo colored pencils are ideal for your children.

Bring back beautiful memories when using colored pencils as promotion products. They are quite versatile and suitable for different branches.

This is how your colored pencil set could look like: Jumbo colored pencil sets, that we have created for customers

You can find further examples in our gallery: colored pencil sets



Colored pencil configurator

Just a few klicks and you create your own individual colored pencil set - perfectly suiting to your corporate design!


  1. Choose colored pencil set: become a designer yourself and create your own individual colored pencil set.
  2. Show and calculate prices: Prices are shown in real-time, so you can easily keep an eye on your budget!
  3. Upload Logo and text: Your printing motif changes a regular colored pencil set into an individual promotional messenger!


Create my own colored pencil set now!

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Further information about our products together with proofs and printing areas for our colored pencils can be found in the › download-section

Further information about our Jumbo Colored pencils:

We offer Jumbo colored pencils that can be designed with your logo, company name or individual text. Available in different versions:

  1. Rainbow pencils
  2. different colors in a set of 6 or 12 pieces
  3. different XXL sizes
  4. hexagonal or round
  5. natural or lacquered (desired color possible) › PDF of our standard lacquer colors


Colorful advertising for young customers

The Jumbo pencils are very good for the little hands of children. With their circumference of 11 mm, children can easily hold them in their hands – to draw big and colorful paintings.

The large space on the etui can be used for your logo or desired motif – with an individual imprinted colored pencil set you gain sympathy points by adults and little ones!

If you decide to take a pencil set, Jumbo colored pencils have a blank packaging. Starting from 1.000 pieces, the packaging can be imprinted all-over in 4 C offset-print.

Examples and inspiration for imprinted packagings can be found in our › gallery

For proofs and printing areas see our › product information

Why choose Jumbo colored pencils as promotional products?

Jumbo colored pencils delight our children, but adults can be impressed as well. Use them if your customers bring their children with them. › Colored pencils can be used as an occupation for their children, and parents will appreciate that.
In addition you can score points when using them as presents for the children of your business partners or customers. With that you demonstrate good knowledge of your partners or that you listen to them carefully.

A creative giveaway that meets the current trend

Not only children and artists enjoy drawing. For some time, coloring books for adults are the current trend. The reason: it is said they have a calming effect that helps during or after stressful situations.

A good idea for an effective promotional product are › coloring pictures which you hand to your customers or business partners, along with a colored pencil set of normal or Jumbo pencils. Note the calming effect of coloring books and gain a double impression:

1.    The exceptional impression of your promotional product.
2.    Show that you want to promote the general welfare of your clients and business partners

Therefore, Jumbo colored pencils and coloring pictures are an appropriate present for your employees.

Free Graphic Service

You would like to use colored pencils as your promotional product, but you have no idea how that could look like? We will be happy to make you a suggestion. Simply use our Free Graphic Service:

  1. Choose colored pencil set: choose your individual colored pencil packaging.
  2. Send data: Send us your desired motif and text.
  3. Receive your design for free: Our graphics team will create a free design for you (usually you will receive it the same day).

Free design request

Natural, environmentally and sustainable: pencils as promotinal items

Colored pencils are made out of natural materials.
We solely use wood from renewable stocks – so you will
receive eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible promotional products!

Unlike fountain and ball pens, wooden writing utensils need re-sharpening from time to time.
To make sure that operation is easily done, all our pencils are made out of lime wood. It is
easy to sharpen pencils made of this wood, and furthermore it is a good combination of stability
and flexibility.


Our promotional pencils are Made in EU, FCS® certified, tested by TÜV and compliant with the toy-safety-order DIN EN 71/III.