Magnetic pencils

create and calculate your mag(net)ical pencil with the help of the › product configuration tool

Magnetic Pencils with caps in silver, gold, copper, green and blue

Advertising that remains - mag(net)ically attracting pencils promotional messenger

Who does not know the problem: you are looking for a pen to make some notes during the phone call or to write down your ideas. But there is no pencil close at hand. The black dyed pencil with magnet in a silver, gold, copper, blue or green metal cap at one end, sticks to all metallic things or surfaces. Use the pencil at your notice board on your workplace, to pin phone numbers or events.

This is how your pencil could look like: Magnetic pencils, that we have created for customers

You can find further examples in our gallery: Magnetic pencils


Pencil configurator

Just a few klicks and you create your own individual pencil - perfectly suiting to your corporate design!


  1. Choose pencil: become a designer yourself and create your own individual pencil
  2. Show and calculate prices: Prices are shown in real-time, so you can easily keep an eye on your budget!
  3. Upload Logo and text: Your printing motif changes a regular pencil into an individual promotional messenger!


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Product information & printing areas

Further information about our products together with proofs and printing areas for our magentic pencils can be found in the › download-section

Further information about our Magnetic pencils:

magnetic pencil attracts people

The magnetic pencil - Precious, top quality & convenient handling!

  1. with shiny metal cap in silver, gold, copper, blue and green
  2. sticks readily available to all magnetic surfaces, such as refrigerators, desk lamps, extractor hoods, and much more
  3. »magically attracts« all kinds of metal objects: paper clips, nails, screws, and keys and much more
  4. do not underestimate the play instinct provoked in everybody by the »magical force of attraction«
  5. high quality round pencil, made of black dyed wood and black matt lacquered
  6. with strong neodymium-iron-boron magnet
  7. self adhesive metal plates for more flexible use (optional)
  8. protected: DE2010/001330
  9. The most important fact: surely attracts attention with its possibility to be placed at every unusual place you like!
Magnetic pencils in different situations


Many variations …

Reidinger presents the elegant Magnetic-Pencil: it »sticks« to all metallic things and it »magically attracts« all metal things! But most important: imprinted with your text or logo, the pencil surely attracts attention when visibly placed at any unusual place – thanks to the self adhesive metal plates. And don’t forget the play instinct – a useful and »attracting« promotional messenger for every business!

magnetic pencil with weight

Lifting capacity

Our magnetic-pencil uses a neodymium-iron-boron-magnet and, therefore, has a high lifting capacity.

There are various ways of how to use the magnet. It will position, for instance, your promotional pencil effectively to attract attention.

More examples of use can be seen in our › gallery or in the video below.

We do the design for you!

choose pencil, send desired motif, receive a free design

You would like to use a pencil as your promotional product, but you have no idea how that could look like? We are happy to send you an individual design proposal. Just use our › Free Graphic-Service:

1. choose pencil: choose your individual pencil.
2. send data: send us your desired motiv and your desired text.
3. receive a free design:
our graphics team creates a free proof for you (normally you will receive the proof the same day).

Further information about our Magnetic pencils:

eco-friendly promotional products, little plant with leaves

Pencils are made out of natural materials.
We solely use wood from renewable stocks – so you will
receive eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible promotional products!

pencil eraser graphic, easy to sharpen pencils

Unlike fountain and ball pens, wooden writing utensils need re-sharpening from time to time.
To make sure that operation is easily done, all our pencils are made out of lime wood. It is
easy to sharpen pencils made of this wood, and furthermore it is a good combination of stability
and flexibility.

TÜV label for Reidinger quality pencils
label for toy-safety-order DIN EN 71 1-3, pencils from Reidinger


For our black colored promotional pencils we use quality goods that are certified, tested by TÜV and compliant with the toy-safety-order DIN EN 71/III.

Magnetic pencil in use:

Magnetic pencil holding coins