Plastic folding rules

be a designer – create and calculate your plastic folding rules with the › online configuration tool

plastic folding rules in white and black

You can choose:

Colors: choose the color which suits best to your company
› download color-overview (PDF opens in a new window)

size: we offer the standard version of 2 m
- if needed even a handy and small one with a scale of 1 m

printing/finish: decide by yourself what suits best to your individual needs:
1-4 color printing or even digital printing - we offer a wide range of possibilities

plastic folding rule in three colors with imprint

Example for a plastic printed folding-rule.

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Further information about our products together with proofs and printing areas for our colored pencils can be found in the › download-section

Online configuration tool: design folding rules quick and easy

To the folding rule configuration toolgraphic for folding rule configuration

Design your individual promotional folding rule with the › folding rule configuration tool

1. configurate folding rule: almost endless possibilities to choose from! Become a designer and create your individual folding rule.
2. calculate prices: article and prices are shown in real time so you can keep an eye on your budget
3. upload logo and text:
your desired motif and text turn your folding rule into an individual promotional messenger!

Further information about our plastic folding rules:

The mini-folding-rule (plastic material)

1 m folding rule - Mini folding rule in different colors

The short version of the folding rule, with its 1 meter length, is very popular with children and also women take pleasure in its short length.

Discover the variety of how a folding rule can be printed. With our folding rule configurator, you can easily create your individual folding rule online, send a request or place your order.