Crystal pencils made with Crystals from Swarovski®

Create and calculate your own crystal pencil with our › pencil configuration tool

Swarovski-Crystal pencils with different colored crystals

The colorful variety of jewelry pencils

… for a touch of luxury on your desk

Unlike normal › pencils you stand out from the crowd with these sparkling pencils. And with different lacquer colors there are various combination possibilities: more than 50 crystal colors, black dyed or natural with lacquer color – you have the choice to combine them as you like.

lacquered and imprinted pencils with Swarovski crystals

(examples for your individual Crystal pencil)

Imprinted with your individual motif you turn the exclusive pencils into a real eye catcher – already available from 576 pieces and in a short time.

Galerie Icon für die KristallbleistifteLogos or other imprints show their best effect on the fine, black matt lacquered surface.
Want some inspiration? Have a look at our › gallery.

Soon: Pencil with pearl 

black dyed pencil with cream white pearl from Swarvoski®

Black and Pearl: made with Crystal Cream Pearl from Swarovski®
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Further information about our products together with proofs and printing areas for crystal pencils can be found in the › download-section

Online configuration tool: design pencil quick and easy

To the pencil configuration toolgraphic for pencil configuration

You want to advertise in a cheap and useful way? Pencils are one of the most successful promotional products and guarantee a high contact rate and long service life. Design your individual promotional pencil with the › pencil configuration tool

1. configurate pencil: almost endless possibilities to choose from! Become a designer and create your individual pencil
2. calculate prices: article and prices are shown in real time so you can keep an eye on your budget
3. upload logo and text:
your desired motif and text turn your pencil into an individual promotional messenger!

Free Graphic-Service: pencil designed as your promotional product

choose pencil, send desired motif, receive a free design

You would like to use a pencil as your promotional product, but you have no idea how that could look like? We are happy to send you an individual design proposal. Just use our › Free Graphic-Service:

1. choose pencil: choose your individual pencil.
2. send data: send us your desired motiv and your desired text.
3. receive a free design:
our graphics team creates a free proof for you (normally you will receive the proof the same day).

Further information about our Crystal pencils:

Our crystal-pencils are available

with more than 50 different crystal colors › Swarovski® Elements overview (PDF opens in a new window)

black dyed or natural wood

round with a total length of 177 mm

black matt or color painted: › download colour overview (PDF opens in a new window)

sharpened with HB lead (more hardness levels on demand)

different crystals on pencils

Choose your desired color


Farbenvielfalt - Kristallbleistifte

Beginning from 144 pieces per color you can mix the colors however you want to. So it is possible to offer your customers a small set of pencils with different crystal colors

TIPP: check our › packagings. It is a noble opportunity to impress your target audience!

Natural, environmentally and sustainable: pencils as promotinal items

eco-friendly promotinoal products, little plant with leaves

Pencils are made out of natural materials.
We solely use wood from renewable stocks – so you will
receive eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible promotional products!

icon of a pencil sharpener for sharpening pencils made of lime woodUnlike fountain and ball pens, wooden writing utensils need re-sharpening from time to time.
To make sure that operation is easily done, all our pencils are made out of lime wood. It is
easy to sharpen pencils made of this wood, and furthermore it is a good combination of stability
and flexibility.

label for pencils in european quality TÜV label for Reidinger quality pencils label for toy-safety-order DIN EN 71 1-3, pencils from ReidingerFSC label for Reidinger quality pencils

For our black colored promotional pencils we only use European quality goods that are FSC certified, tested by TÜV and compliant with the toy-safety-order DIN EN 71/III.