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Pencils from Reidinger – advertise sustainably!

nature - environmental Protection

Can a pencil be called sustainable just because he is made out of wood?

We think: not at all!!

grünes Emblem dass die bestandteile von Nachhaltigkeit darstellt

The pillars of sustainability

Sustainability is made out of several pillars that form the basis for our high-quality promotional pencils. We solely use European woods from sustainable forestry. And due to short transfer distances our pencils have a low carbon footprint. The wooden pencils have a long durability and are 100 % biodegradable. That saves resources and is environmental friendly.

Side note: long durability

Compared with other writing utensils, pencils do have an unashamed long durability. In general, the »writing length« refers to ink usage of writing utensils.

For a measureable value, a line is drawn under standardised conditions (temperature, paper type, writing angle and speed, pressure). The reached length in meters is used to compare products from different manufacturers.

Typical figures:
Fountain pen (per ink cartridge) – 300 m
Gel roller – between 500 m and 1200 m
Ballpoint pen – between 1000 m and 2500 m
Pen (depending on the refill) – between 1000 m and 6000 m
Pencil – between 20 000 m and 54 000 m (depending on the hardness of the lead) 

Result for a pencil as sustainable advertising media:
It can be used for a long time and, therefore, is not only a proponent for sustainable products and production but also a quite strong case for a »sustainable« advertising effect. Because a pencil remains for a longer period with your (potential new) client.

Pollutants: No, thanks!

We are aware of our responsibility towards environment and society, not only when we choose our materials. That’s why our pencils are tested regularly for harmful substances by the TÜV – last May 2015. Our products meet the requirements of the toy safety order DIN EN 71 – part 1 till 3 as well as all product certification norms.

Social responsibility

Due to manufacturing in European locations we create future-proof jobs. Social responsibility also means putting great emphasise on a sustainable economy for in-house actions.
It all starts with little things such as using recycled paper and eco-friend colors for business communication. Also »Naturstrom« should not be neglected. Since the »old Millenium« we’re Naturstrom client and cover 100 % of the amount of electricity with renewable energies

We attach importance to good working conditions to encourage the motivation, ideas and commitment our employees. At Reidinger we not only bear in mind the environment but also our social responsibility.

This is how we breathe life into the concept of »sustainability« every day. And our success profess: harmony of economy, ecology and social responsibility is possible. Support this concept and focus on high-quality and sustainable production with promotional products from Reidinger!