Transparent folding boxes

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Transparent folding boxes

Packed crystal clear: handy and elegant presentation of your promotional pencils with the transparent folding box for 3 pencils. A classic packaging from Reidinger where your imprint is visible at first glance. Crystal pencils can be placed in this packaging as well as pencils with lacquered caps – the transparent folding box puts your pencils in the right light!

Transparent folding box with black cardboard slipcase

The transparent folding box with black cardboard slipcase is a clever combination of plastic and cardboard. Available for 3 pencils. Made from 0,30 mm transparent PET and black cardboard (250g/qm, length 120 mm).

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Available in different versions

The transparent folding boxes are available with or without the black cardboard slipcase, for 3 pencils. Your pencils are safe within the transparent box and are perfectly presented.

If you choose the version with black cardboard slipcase, you can use the space on the cardboard for your advertising imprint as well – in addition to the print on the pencil.

Tip: The stage is yours with your imprinted pencils! This packaging is very suitable for our pencils with crystal.